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New web page


This is my last post from …. I have a new web page called   Click on it and take a look see! (Hopefully the link works for you.)

I have created a new website that is just for my art. That is what I used this old site for but too many people (at the shows) got confused by the name “hermans cabin.”  Understandably, now that my work is not craft-based, I had to reconfigure my web presence. My new site uses a simplified theme that I fell in love with.  The new site gives me the opportunity to present pictures of my thread paintings in a better way and add a shop.

Shopping at Jan’s
My shop focuses on sending out photo reproductions of my thread work in small sizes, as well as notecards.  That is what I am also adding to my shows this winter.  This is a test season for that. The photo work and printing reproductions has been a fun challenge. It did not take a big investment in cash … but it has taken a lot of time. Let’s hope it even remotely pays off. Grin.

Have a great day, where ever you are!

Southwest Series Thread Paintings

During the summer in Colorado, at Arrowhead Point Campground and Cabins, I was able to complete 22 new pieces. That is only half of what I had planned but perhaps my target was too high. Two new series are the “Southwest Series Thread Paintings” and “Sunset Birds.” I included a gallery of the small thread paintings in the Southwest Series. I was able to scan them in at high resolution and follow with a bit of Photoshop. The five larger pieces and the bird series need a photo shoot and I have not decided whether to DIY or hire that work out.

So … here are pictures of a few new pieces inspired by my southwest photography and travels through Arizona and Utah a few years ago

Finally, I hope you enjoyed your summer where ever you are. It definitely feels like summer here in Florida.  Next up is getting everything else scanned and photographed so I can revamp my website and present the entire Southwest Series thread painting series.

Be cool, Jan

Threading Trails Across America

My goal for next season’s art theme: From Florida marshes to Colorado mountains and Utah national parks. My theme is yet undecided but something along the lines of “threading trails across America.”

I am using my photos from over years of travel as inspiration. Two such photos are those below. (Click on them for photo caption.) Many photos I collect are along trails Ken and I have hiked. I include birds and wild plants I photographed along with researching what else can be expected along those trails. I like to include my “artistic” version of those as accompanying pieces as well.

I have much work to do as I experiment with my ideas for creating more realistic trees and, for the first time, incorporating people into my work.  Those are my summer plans along with working for Joe & Cathy at Arrowhead Campground & Cabins in Buena Vista, Colorado.

My next post will probably be a while as we thread our way  North to visit family and friends … then find the trail West.

Jan Herman

SunCoast Arts Fest Report

January 21-22, 2017 – SunCoast ArtsFest fine art show at Wiregrass Shoppes, Wesley Chapel Florida.

I was at booth 72, in front of the Sleep Number store next to Dillards.

Crane in Pink Sunset created from backyard photo with pink sunset reflected in a pond
Crane in Pink Sunset created from backyard photo with pink sunset reflected in a pond

Saturday was a very warm, sunny day. So many people came past and stopped at my booth. As always, I hear “it’s thread?”

It helps that I had a sign made to identify thread painting  … sort of. There is no name that specifically identifies what I do. I’ll admit that I enjoy that aspect.

My observations, so far, are that men are quite interested in my work as far as the technical aspect goes: how long does it take? how much thread do you use? Any women who have been even remotely involved in quilting are quite interested, peering closely with glasses off. They are more interested in, “what stitch do you call this?” There is no answer for that.  But I enjoy talking to everyone.

The crane above was purchased by William K and his wife. I hope they enjoy their purchase and that  I see them again. My last two hummingbirds have been sold as well as several feathers. I must get to work on more hummingbirds and feathers for the next show at the Lake Wales Art Festival on February 18th.  I have a few ideas in mind.

My show list is uptodate through March. There will be one or two more shows in April and I think that will be it.

Meanwhile, my floral work will probably be moved to the Village Sampler, booth 307 where I stage some of my art and all of the vintage items I have made. That is located on Avenue B, SW at 2nd Street in Winter Haven, FL.

Have a great day! Jan

New art and new frames

I made a few new art pieces and new frames over the past couple weeks. I had these unfinished frames and decided to stain and finish them in a driftwood color. I had an urge to present some artwork without glass over it so I made these 8×10 pieces and tucked them into 11×14 inch white mats I had on hand.  I’ll have them at the next show which is January 21st. I am concerned about keeping them clean. This will be a test. All of my pieces have been framed and glazed (under glass), except these three. I wonder if anyone will notice the difference.

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A Nice Day at Clearwater

Feet in sand artwork is created from small sketch and my imagination.
Feet in sand artwork is created from small sketch and my imagination Sold. .
Snowy Owl Feather
Trio of Eagle Feathers. Black framed. 5x7. Sold.
Trio of Eagle Feathers. Black framed. 5×7. Sold.










It was a pretty nice day in Clearwater, Florida. The weather couldn’t have been better. The Pinellas Women’s Club Arts & Crafts show overlooked the bay, attended by thousands of buyers on Sunday, November 13. We had booth #80, under the huge canopy of an oak tree, shaded all day. Many people were in a buying mood for Christmas decor and “gifty things.” There must have been over 150 booths for buyers to shop at. I was one of THREE art-people there. It was pretty evident people weren’t looking for art and seemed surprised to find us there. I received ample attention and several folks took some of my work home. My black-and-white eagle and owl feathers went to Carin for the wall in her “master.” She wants these small works to fill the space next to a black/white piece she already owns.

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Solivita Show Report

pa blue jay2016-03-19-16-05-43

Saturday, November 5, 2016Fall Festival at Solivita, The Solivita Show Report: Weather on all fronts was really great as was the attendance. Also in the positive column was the availability of a big, ice-cold matai cocktail from the bar at Solivita.

Thanks to Kathy H. who owns “PA Blue Jay” and Margaret W. who now owns the “Tanager” artwork in red.  She is Chinese and shared with me that her name means yellow and red is her funshi color.  I will not pretend I know how to spell what she said.

I was busy explaining my art process to the many artists and quilters that live in the Solivata community and appreciate their interest.  Many asked about classes. I’m not there yet!  My booth was full of people for much of the show.

It was nice of a certain gentleman, whose name I didn’t get, to talk to me about marketing my art. He reminded me to make a sign for my booth with my name on it. Oh yes, I should have done that already. He also mentioned it would be helpful for interested art patrons to explain my artwork as many were confounded by it. I love that it challenges perceptions, but we agreed the term “watercolor & thread” on a sign within my booth would be helpful. As he is a retired marketing professional (he claimed) I am grateful for generous, helpful comments like his.  Actually, I like his suggestions and will be working on that this week. What do you think? “Watercolor & Thread?”


Jan’s New Art Booth Set up

picture of new booth setup for 2016-2017 winter show season
Jan’s new art booth for Jan’s 2016-2017 winter season shows in Florida. It took awhile to convince myself to purchase Flourish mesh walls and framework. My hope is that it will look better, have room for more art and stay secure on windy days. This is a test set up in Herman’s back yardI

I have been researching ways to improve my art booth “set up” for some time.

If you have ever set up for a trade show or similar, you know it is intense and heavy work. Knowing I would have to bring more art to fill my art booth, I wasn’t enamored with the idea of also lugging lots of heavy 6 foot metal grid walls and hanging them from the booth framework: Ken trying to get them straight and using wire ties to hang them while I stood on my tippy-toes trying to keep each one level. So, enter Flourish mesh walls. They are made for the more sturdy and expensive tents also made by the Flourish Company in Arkansas. Fortunately, they also make some to fit economy popup tents (like mine). There is one heavy bag to lug and lots of pipes, but it goes up “reasonably easy.”  As you can see, I can hang my framed art anywhere. Love it.

First test will be November 5th at the Solivita Arts & Crafts show here in Florida. I love this show because it is a lovely faux downtown area of the Solivita housing development. This is a great no-pressure event to get back into the swing of doing shows.

November 2016 Art Shows – Update

Here we go again. Ken and I are getting read to lug our stuff to shows in Florida. This is my line-up for November. All are confirmed for November. 

I added a note about pets if I have information about whether you can bring your pet(s) to the show. If you would like to visit one of these shows and need more information, check online or send me an email at I’ll see if I can find out for you. Jan

Saturday, November 5, 2016Fall Festival at Solivita, 395 Village Drive, Poinciana, FL: 9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. show is at the upscale development of Solivita, south of Kissimmee. Use your GPS.  Their “downtown” area is so cute and there are many artists and crafters both inside and outside.  Free admission and parking. No mention of pets one way or another.  Don’t forget to visit the pub.

Saturday, November 12, 2016 – 2nd Annual Haven Holiday Market, Downtown Winter Haven, Florida. 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Great show I did last November. There were thousands of people and I met a lot of them! I am looking forward to doing this show again with my new thread art.  Free admission and free, easy parking. Pets allowed.

Sunday, November 13, 2016 – Christmas Under the Oaks 40th Annual Arts & Crafts Show, by North Pinellas Woman’s Club.  Art jury approved. Happens 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at Coachman Park (301 Drew Street), downtown Clearwater, Florida. I have just been accepted into this great show of handmade art and crafts. $3.00 donation for admission. Downtown parking for which there is usually a fee.  Sorry, no pets allowed in Coachman Park.

Saturday & Sunday, November 19 & 20 – 40th Longwood Florida Arts & Crafts Festival, by Central Florida Society for Historic Preservation. Art jury approved. Show located in historic district of Longwood Florida; north of Alta Monte Springs which is north of Orlando. Hours Saturday 9-5, Sunday 9-4. Fine art and craft show located along tree-shaded streets of Longwood’s historic district. Museum tours and quaint shops in district will also be open. Free admission and free parking.

Saturday, November  26, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. – Ozello Arts, Crafts and Blue Crab Festival, 14095 W. Ozello Trail, Crystal River, Florida. This show is put on by the Ozello Civic Association to combine great food, art and the old Florida atmosphere of Ozello on Thanksgiving weekend.  As far as I know, free admission and parking. Sorry, no pets.

I haven’t been to any of these shows previously so will be depending upon our GPS to find the way … especially since we usually have to show up by 6:00 a.m.!

Spoonbills featured in new quilted paintings

Before leaving Florida for the summer, I captured a photo of these spoonbills at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. One was “handing over” a branch to the spoonbill on a nest. In the background a very pink spoonbill was watching. The nesting spoonbill painting is 16×20 and the standing spoonbill is 11×14. Everything I do ends up being an experiment in techniques I make up as I go along. The larger painting is fully painted with acrylic mixed with a “fabric medium.” Messing with that a bit, I mix in diluted watercolor as well. These paintings will be framed when I get back to Florida, along with everything else I manage to create while our motorhome is parked in Colorado.

photo thread painting
Acrylic paint on cotton then thread painted and quilted

spoonbill may 2016 1920 72