A Nice Day at Clearwater

Feet in sand artwork is created from small sketch and my imagination.
Feet in sand artwork is created from small sketch and my imagination Sold. .
Snowy Owl Feather
Trio of Eagle Feathers. Black framed. 5x7. Sold.
Trio of Eagle Feathers. Black framed. 5×7. Sold.










It was a pretty nice day in Clearwater, Florida. The weather couldn’t have been better. The Pinellas Women’s Club Arts & Crafts show overlooked the bay, attended by thousands of buyers on Sunday, November 13. We had booth #80, under the huge canopy of an oak tree, shaded all day. Many people were in a buying mood for Christmas decor and “gifty things.” There must have been over 150 booths for buyers to shop at. I was one of THREE art-people there. It was pretty evident people weren’t looking for art and seemed surprised to find us there. I received ample attention and several folks took some of my work home. My black-and-white eagle and owl feathers went to Carin for the wall in her “master.” She wants these small works to fill the space next to a black/white piece she already owns.

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Solivita Show Report

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Saturday, November 5, 2016Fall Festival at Solivita, The Solivita Show Report: Weather on all fronts was really great as was the attendance. Also in the positive column was the availability of a big, ice-cold matai cocktail from the bar at Solivita.

Thanks to Kathy H. who owns “PA Blue Jay” and Margaret W. who now owns the “Tanager” artwork in red.  She is Chinese and shared with me that her name means yellow and red is her funshi color.  I will not pretend I know how to spell what she said.

I was busy explaining my art process to the many artists and quilters that live in the Solivata community and appreciate their interest.  Many asked about classes. I’m not there yet!  My booth was full of people for much of the show.

It was nice of a certain gentleman, whose name I didn’t get, to talk to me about marketing my art. He reminded me to make a sign for my booth with my name on it. Oh yes, I should have done that already. He also mentioned it would be helpful for interested art patrons to explain my artwork as many were confounded by it. I love that it challenges perceptions, but we agreed the term “watercolor & thread” on a sign within my booth would be helpful. As he is a retired marketing professional (he claimed) I am grateful for generous, helpful comments like his.  Actually, I like his suggestions and will be working on that this week. What do you think? “Watercolor & Thread?”