New art: Sunset Cove

Just finished my latest thread art called Sunset Cove. This time I created a 16×20 framed image based on the “vision” I saw in a piece of hand-dyed batik fabric. Added a sailboat to what appeared to me to be a horizon line, hills and a narrow opening into a sunset cove where the water reflected extreme colors by an, admittedly, overly large setting sun. The background is free motion quilted in an attempt to replicate waves, a pebble beach and leaf covered ground in the forefront.

Framing Art
A new challenge to me is learning the ins and outs of framing art. I want to follow some of the prescribed techniques for framing fiber but some of it is just ridiculous. I do add spacers to keep the fiber off the glass. In spite of what I read I will use glass to keep the fiber clean and oh, would people like to put their fingers on the artwork!  And, of course I will use archival quality mounting boards and mats (if I use mats at all).

First Showing
Its first showing will be at the Manatee Festival in Crystal River on January 15.

Pending New Art
If time permits, I need to be working on a landscape to replace the one I sold a month ago.  I am also working on a series of “window art” I call it, that is thread art drawn on lace or layers of trims sewn together. That should be a fun challenge. But first I am making one for a newly remodeled room in my house where I want to obscure the view yet let light in.

sunset cove framed 72-700

Wildlife Art Best of Show

The highlight of my show at the St. Cloud Festival December 5-6 was being given the best of show award for “Great Blue Heron.” This piece is one of my free-style embroidery projects. This is one of my wildlife art pieces. Judging by patron reactions, this is something they do not see often. “What is it?” “How did you make it?” I heard that constantly. I’m going to work on a pictorial for my booth to try showing how I use free-style embroidery to make wildlife art.

Free-style embroidery
First of all, unlike your grandma’s embroidery, free-style does not use a pattern or defined stitches and may, or may not, use a sewing machine and definitely not an embroidery machine.  I use my sewing machine “free motion,” meaning, the feed dogs are down and the fabric only moves by my hands moving the fabric under the needle; drawing as I go.

My drawings
Every wildlife piece starts with a photograph. Then, I research the bird looking for color, feather details and size. I make a rough sketch on fabric and begin there.   When I’m done free-styling (aka. thread painting) with my sewing machine I add background quilting. My wildlife art can take two days or a whole week, so winning best in show for one of them is really great.

best of show email 1 mg

Another Florida craft show

Here is a new booth shot from November 21 craft show in nearby Winter Haven … another Florida craft show. Of note, I added three thread art pictures to this show and sold 2 of them.  The promoter reported 6000 in attendance.  If that is true, my sales were not great.  It is tough out there for everyone in the land of forever craft shows: every weekend, somewhere.

I know going to craft shows in Florida is cheap entertainment and the majority of the (maybe) “thousands” that attend are not buyers. Given that and all the work and expense involved you will have to think I am crazy for doing it. Yes, I am “sew crazy.” The best part is the attention to my craft, the nice words and, really, it’s not their fault they can’t afford to buy anything.

I’m thinking about summer when I’ll have time to create. I have an idea for a smaller, non-framed product that I will be able to make available to interested people, but in the $20 range. No time to do it now as I have another Florida craft show on December 5-6th in St. Cloud and then December 12th in Brooksville.

If you follow my shows, I hope to see you there! The “sandpiper” is in the works yet but I have three more pictures ready: a large shore bird with its reflection in water and two 8×10’s featuring a snowy egret in sunset on one and a blue-throated hummingbird on the other. I’ll show them on-line if I still have them after December 12.

And, off I go to another Florida craft show ……….