New web page


This is my last post from …. I have a new web page called   Click on it and take a look see! (Hopefully the link works for you.)

I have created a new website that is just for my art. That is what I used this old site for but too many people (at the shows) got confused by the name “hermans cabin.”  Understandably, now that my work is not craft-based, I had to reconfigure my web presence. My new site uses a simplified theme that I fell in love with.  The new site gives me the opportunity to present pictures of my thread paintings in a better way and add a shop.

Shopping at Jan’s
My shop focuses on sending out photo reproductions of my thread work in small sizes, as well as notecards.  That is what I am also adding to my shows this winter.  This is a test season for that. The photo work and printing reproductions has been a fun challenge. It did not take a big investment in cash … but it has taken a lot of time. Let’s hope it even remotely pays off. Grin.

Have a great day, where ever you are!