Southwest Series Thread Paintings

During the summer in Colorado, at Arrowhead Point Campground and Cabins, I was able to complete 22 new pieces. That is only half of what I had planned but perhaps my target was too high. Two new series are the “Southwest Series Thread Paintings” and “Sunset Birds.” I included a gallery of the small thread paintings in the Southwest Series. I was able to scan them in at high resolution and follow with a bit of Photoshop. The five larger pieces and the bird series need a photo shoot and I have not decided whether to DIY or hire that work out.

So … here are pictures of a few new pieces inspired by my southwest photography and travels through Arizona and Utah a few years ago

Finally, I hope you enjoyed your summer where ever you are. It definitely feels like summer here in Florida.  Next up is getting everything else scanned and photographed so I can revamp my website and present the entire Southwest Series thread painting series.

Be cool, Jan

One thought on “Southwest Series Thread Paintings”

  1. Well done. They look great.

    We had a fun trip. Patty added a few days and we went to Yellowstone with stops in between. Home northern route. Maddy got to see many national parks. She’s hooked on the west.

    See you after xmas.

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