Threading Trails Across America

My goal for next season’s art theme: From Florida marshes to Colorado mountains and Utah national parks. My theme is yet undecided but something along the lines of “threading trails across America.”

I am using my photos from over years of travel as inspiration. Two such photos are those below. (Click on them for photo caption.) Many photos I collect are along trails Ken and I have hiked. I include birds and wild plants I photographed along with researching what else can be expected along those trails. I like to include my “artistic” version of those as accompanying pieces as well.

I have much work to do as I experiment with my ideas for creating more realistic trees and, for the first time, incorporating people into my work.  Those are my summer plans along with working for Joe & Cathy at Arrowhead Campground & Cabins in Buena Vista, Colorado.

My next post will probably be a while as we thread our way  North to visit family and friends … then find the trail West.

Jan Herman