Many art shows done – only one left to go

I’ve added a few more birds and feathers for art shows. Over the six art shows I have done (and, only one more to go in April) I have sold 35 pieces of art. Most of the sold ones are the little ones but that is expected.

One little change I made is now having only framed work in my booth. Previously I did sell unframed originals in a bin and decided not to do that any more.  Another little change is avoiding art shows with car shows attached. I have been doing okay selling art except at those types of events that are more “family festival”  than “art show.” This is a learning experience and fortunately I still consider it fun.

My biggest selling event was at Lake Wales, Florida. I don’t know why it was so different from all the rest (except, no kids activities and no car show).  This was the first time I actually got nervous that I was selling too much.

I’d like to think my art work is improving with all the challenges I am putting myself through and I seem to never exhaust my supply of ideas. Of course, I get requests: pelicans, swans, loons, fish (really?), and a manatee. This gives me pause for thought. It is time to think about what my “series” will be for next season. After making a list, it seems I will have to whittle it down a bit. Logically, it seems I should continue on with what was sold, and I may a bit. Here is a brief list:

Purple flowers in pots, an owl and owl feathers on black, a guitar on black, gechos (lizards) done on colorful batik fabric, Midwest birds, Florida birds, sunset over the gulf and camping (lots of photos), Colorado mountain scenes (lots of photos), beach scenes, etc.  If  I do five different photos in different sizes for each series that gives me 45 pictures for next fall-winter-spring. Will I get them done? Who knows!!