SunCoast Arts Fest Report

January 21-22, 2017 – SunCoast ArtsFest fine art show at Wiregrass Shoppes, Wesley Chapel Florida.

I was at booth 72, in front of the Sleep Number store next to Dillards.

Crane in Pink Sunset created from backyard photo with pink sunset reflected in a pond
Crane in Pink Sunset created from backyard photo with pink sunset reflected in a pond

Saturday was a very warm, sunny day. So many people came past and stopped at my booth. As always, I hear “it’s thread?”

It helps that I had a sign made to identify thread painting  … sort of. There is no name that specifically identifies what I do. I’ll admit that I enjoy that aspect.

My observations, so far, are that men are quite interested in my work as far as the technical aspect goes: how long does it take? how much thread do you use? Any women who have been even remotely involved in quilting are quite interested, peering closely with glasses off. They are more interested in, “what stitch do you call this?” There is no answer for that.  But I enjoy talking to everyone.

The crane above was purchased by William K and his wife. I hope they enjoy their purchase and that  I see them again. My last two hummingbirds have been sold as well as several feathers. I must get to work on more hummingbirds and feathers for the next show at the Lake Wales Art Festival on February 18th.  I have a few ideas in mind.

My show list is uptodate through March. There will be one or two more shows in April and I think that will be it.

Meanwhile, my floral work will probably be moved to the Village Sampler, booth 307 where I stage some of my art and all of the vintage items I have made. That is located on Avenue B, SW at 2nd Street in Winter Haven, FL.

Have a great day! Jan

“Lavendar Sky over Heron Pond”

Presenting my latest work called either I am the Heron, or Lavender Sky over Heron Pond, this is a 24×20 inch thread painting over ink drawing and watercolor paint. The unframed photo on the left shows the work before thread painting.

This new thread painting is ready for the SunCoast Artsfest on January 21st and 22nd. It is the first time I will show work without glass over it. Here’s hoping for no finger marks in spite of the request to “please do not touch.”  There is not enough time to get a custom frame ordered for this size and still have it in the show so I am going to present it with an unglazed wood frame I have on hand.

More fine art festivals

Meanwhile, I have been applying to other fine art festivals in the area. This week I was accepted into the Fine Arts Festival of Manatee County at the Bradenton ArtCenter on February 25-26th; the Leesburg Art Festival on March 11-12th; and the 9th Annual Winthrop Arts Festival in Riverview, FL on March 25-26th. There are a couple more shows applied to that I haven’t heard from yet and April shows I decided to wait on pending the outcome of the January art show.

Retail Coming Up …

I will soon have a booth at the Village Sampler shoppes in Winter Haven. Since I have an inventory of hand sewn art pillow covers and table linens from craft shows, this will hopefully be a good outlet. I will also try to sell thread paintings that don’t fit my “body of work” theme and some of my experiments. And, there’s that massive stock of vintage linens I was collecting. I’ll be including the best vintage pieces at booth 307.  However, you won’t see any current art festival work or things like “Lavendar Sky” there. There are interesting art and fine craft booths there along with vintage which makes this MALL quite different from others I have seen.

The Village Sampler is at 155 Ave B., SW in Winter Haven. It is 2 blocks south of Center Street and near the intersection of Ave B, SW and 2nd Street.

Hopefully, the walls to my booth are up and I can get it stocked by Friday the 13th. Hmmmm.