A Nice Day at Clearwater

Feet in sand artwork is created from small sketch and my imagination.
Feet in sand artwork is created from small sketch and my imagination Sold. .
Snowy Owl Feather
Trio of Eagle Feathers. Black framed. 5x7. Sold.
Trio of Eagle Feathers. Black framed. 5×7. Sold.










It was a pretty nice day in Clearwater, Florida. The weather couldn’t have been better. The Pinellas Women’s Club Arts & Crafts show overlooked the bay, attended by thousands of buyers on Sunday, November 13. We had booth #80, under the huge canopy of an oak tree, shaded all day. Many people were in a buying mood for Christmas decor and “gifty things.” There must have been over 150 booths for buyers to shop at. I was one of THREE art-people there. It was pretty evident people weren’t looking for art and seemed surprised to find us there. I received ample attention and several folks took some of my work home. My black-and-white eagle and owl feathers went to Carin for the wall in her “master.” She wants these small works to fill the space next to a black/white piece she already owns.

Sue purchase the white framed “Feet in Sand” (above) and Brenda purchased the framed “Aspen Graffiti Heart” work. I just discovered I must not have photographed my “aspen graffiti” pieces. I am disappointed in me.

Final note on Sunday’s event: This women’s club worked very hard to put on a large event. I have yet to see such organization — anywhere!

New show added: 
January 21-22, 2017: I just received jury acceptance to Suncoast Art Fest at Wiregrass Mall, Wesley Chapel, Fl. That is off I-75 north of Tampa.

Watercolor Classes
Today: Just started watercolor classes in Lakeland with Sharon Haesler. In a short 90 minutes I did learn quite a bit. I will be at weekly classes for much of the winter. I have always believed I am never to old to learn and will never know enough about anything. This is going back to the basics of art school in the 1970’s. I love it!

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  1. Hello..Sure sounds like a great show for you. And I think taking the art classes will give new ideas and inspiration. ope your Thanksgiving is a blessed day. Miss you folks….Kathy & Mike

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