Jan’s New Art Booth Set up

picture of new booth setup for 2016-2017 winter show season
Jan’s new art booth for Jan’s 2016-2017 winter season shows in Florida. It took awhile to convince myself to purchase Flourish mesh walls and framework. My hope is that it will look better, have room for more art and stay secure on windy days. This is a test set up in Herman’s back yardI

I have been researching ways to improve my art booth “set up” for some time.

If you have ever set up for a trade show or similar, you know it is intense and heavy work. Knowing I would have to bring more art to fill my art booth, I wasn’t enamored with the idea of also lugging lots of heavy 6 foot metal grid walls and hanging them from the booth framework: Ken trying to get them straight and using wire ties to hang them while I stood on my tippy-toes trying to keep each one level. So, enter Flourish mesh walls. They are made for the more sturdy and expensive tents also made by the Flourish Company in Arkansas. Fortunately, they also make some to fit economy popup tents (like mine). There is one heavy bag to lug and lots of pipes, but it goes up “reasonably easy.” ¬†As you can see, I can hang my framed art anywhere. Love it.

First test will be November 5th at the Solivita Arts & Crafts show here in Florida. I love this show because it is a lovely faux downtown area of the Solivita housing development. This is a great no-pressure event to get back into the swing of doing shows.

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  1. Looks REALY nice..Top notch…Show cases your lovely art. Good luck. Thanks for the contribution to the blue & yellow change coming I don’t know when.Love to you both..Kathy & Mike

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