Spoonbills featured in new quilted paintings

Before leaving Florida for the summer, I captured a photo of these spoonbills at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. One was “handing over” a branch to the spoonbill on a nest. In the background a very pink spoonbill was watching. The nesting spoonbill painting is 16×20 and the standing spoonbill is 11×14. Everything I do ends up being an experiment in techniques I make up as I go along. The larger painting is fully painted with acrylic mixed with a “fabric medium.” Messing with that a bit, I mix in diluted watercolor as well. These paintings will be framed when I get back to Florida, along with everything else I manage to create¬†while our motorhome is parked in Colorado.

photo thread painting
Acrylic paint on cotton then thread painted and quilted

spoonbill may 2016 1920 72