Newest thread art showing tomorrow

It looks like it could be a wet day tomorrow when I show my newest thread art at Fiart Art Fest in Winter Haven Florida. The pictured art are all 11×14 framed pieces. When I did a test setup in the back yard, it looked like my tent was just a bit bare. I made a dozen small art pieces I could hang or prop on a table. My focus there was the feather art series of 5×7 art pieces in self mat frames for 8×10’s. I have hopes that these will appeal to people who like the kind of art I make but cannot or do not want to buy the higher priced pieces.

I’ll be taking a break from making thread art for a month. The machines, materials and supplies are all packed in the motorhome for departure in a couple weeks.

Drawing on the past
Many years ago, when I was so young, I used to paint and draw. I don’t know when it stopped and why, but it did. Along the way I told myself I wasn’t any good at it, couldn’t do it. When working all those years in an engineering company, my left brain controlled who I was. I recall wondering if I would ever be creative again and was I ever creative. I was so good at remembering numbers, details and keeping a myriad of balls in the air.  I was also involved in the birth of small computers, programming and controlling massive amounts of data. Not really creative stuff, so I thought.

What has recently occurred to me is that creativeness goes in different ways and is as important in an engineering office as it is in an art studio. I truly believe creative people are the self-taught people you meet. I’ll accept that and let it encourage me to continue retraining my eyes and (slightly shaky  now) hands while I relearn drawing and painting. I am utilizing several books: the first one is “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain” by Betty Edwards.

That is my focus over the next month as we travel and get settled into our summer jobs in Colorado and I begin again with fresh imagination for new thread paintings.

But for today, we are visiting Disney World in the rain and will probably repeat the rainy day when I show my newest thread art tomorrow at Fiart.