Psychedelic Sailboat Series

Introducing a recent thread painting series: psychedelic sailboats.  Oh, I don’t know why, but I was inspired one night while Ken and I were at a music concert at EPCOT when the old “Jefferson Airplane” lead singer was belting out some 70s songs.  I will be introducing these thread paintings at an art festival nearby in m id-April. They range in size from 8×10 to 16×20 inches. I am curious to know what the show patrons think of these. I actually painting them all in watercolor on fabric after I sketched it out roughly. I am not too thrilled with the first one I did. Can you guess which is the first one?

I have been busy utilizing every waking moment I don’t have to be doing something else to getting enough pieces to make a show. As of today, I am done though I still have a feeling I should have more. Now it is time to remake the “art tent” for the show. I did purchase more grid walls to hang pictures from that Ken and I will play with next week. We need to figure out how to hang them from the tent framework. I also need to see how the pictures all line up.

I have more to show in my next post. After finishing psychedelic sailboats I returned to creating majestic birds.

Meanwhile, have a great day. Yippie! Spring is coming to everyone living north.