Feather Tree & Feather Series Quilt Art

Finally … the Feather Tree quilt art and accompanying Feather Series original pieces are done and ready for my April 2016 show at FiArt in Winter Haven. That is the first local show I am doing with my original art. Over summer months I plan to expand my work and what I do has something to do with interest the folks show in my work and what comments and requests they make. Every show I have done has come with comments and I love it. I make what I like, but even with that in mind, I look into making what others say they would like to see.  Everything I do is an experiment. I can’t imagine it any other way.

Back to FiArt: that is my first “art only” show, or at least “mostly original art” show where I compete for sales (and interest) with other original art pieces.  This is more art oriented that the craft shows I have done. I am anxious to see how interest in my work compares in that venue. I have already had one person ask my why I sew over the top of something I have already painted. My answer: because I want to. If you can help me with a better answer, let me know.

Shown below is one 2 by 6 grid wall with some of my recent quilt art, aka thread paintings that are first watercolor painted on fabric, followed by dense thread painting over the watercolor, then quilted in the background. The Feather Tree is 11×14 inch art in a white frame. I made the small feather series art specifically to self-mat into a standard 8×10 package that will be inserted in a cellophane envelope. I had several requests for something “small.”  There is my Feather Tree and Feather Series Quilt Art.

Upcoming: Create a new sailboat-in-a-cove with watercolor. The last one I made was created from a tie-dye batik piece. This one will be created from an original watercolor. The painting is done and ready to start stitching.

Feather Tree quilt art and 8x10 feather series art
Feather Tree and feather series quilt art