Manatee Festival Fun

Last weekend was pretty fun and exciting in Citrus County Florida at the Manatee Festival. We weathered the heavy rain Sunday in the wee hours and winds later. A few crafter’s tents blew down and they left. Our EZ-up canopy is considered a beginner model and not the best. Fortunately we had a good location that protected us a bit from the wind.

I am pleased that Ann S., Cathy L., JoEllen  and Kelly R. signed up for my blog. Welcome.

New and Gone: I was excited to introduce my latest thread painting “Sunset Cove.” It was featured in the back of my booth —the pink quilted sunset with sailboat. On Sunday, Yona H. , at home in Florida and Georgia took it home with her. Interesting that she wrote “quilted painting” on her check. As I am struggling with what to call my art, I hadn’t thought of that but apparently that is how she sees it. Hmmmm?

Mixed Emotions: Being a newbie at doing art or craft shows, I have mixed feelings: 1-I worry about selling enough to cover expenses, 2-I miss my creations when they are sold,  3-I am happy someone loves it enough to pay me to take it home with them, 4-I replace missing my “friend” with worrying about having enough for the next show, 5-I tell myself to get over it and get to work!

Speaking of getting to work: I just started my next “quilted painting” project with a watercolor background on natural muslin. Such fun! I have to wait 24 hours to begin stitching.  If I didn’t mention it already, picture a tree with colorful feathers and a Florida bluejay sitting on a branch.  Not to give it all away, there is more that goes with it.

Among other ideas are FLOWERS. I l-o-v-e flowers. I am excited to watercolor flowers and thread paint and texturize all over them. Care to tell me your favorite flower. I really don’t know where I’ll start except to apologize to the nice lady that requested I do fish. Fish will have to wait.

Next blog will feature the feather tree. Have a wonderful day.

Jan Herman

Booth 525 at Crystal River's Manatee Festival 2016. Introducing new art.
Booth 525 at Crystal River’s Manatee Festival 2016. Introducing new artI ad