Quilt Heron

To summarize my experience at Solvita Art and Craft show: the “quilt heron” sold! I just finished my first art piece the day before the show, got it mounted and framed and sold within 2 hours of show opening.

The Quilt Heron was thread painted from an 11×14 sketch I made onto soluble embroidery stabilizer. I attached this to the front of a piece of linen and some tough tear-away stabilizer on the back and just kept sewing. There are probably 10 or more colors. After the heron was sewn the surrounding area was all puckered up. Oh no!! This is where I was about to quit. But, I kept experimenting and found that dense meandering quilting both took the puckers away and added a great texture to the background. Success.

This week I have made another 11×14 heron; “Great Blue Heron” . I’m interested in seeing the response at my next show, November 21st in downtown Winter Haven, Florida. Maybe, like the Quilt Heron, my Blue Heron will also sell. quilt heron

And, I’m currently trying to get two large thread painted hummingbird pictures done, too.

Aside from “sewing like crazy,” Ken and I landed part time summer jobs in Colorado working at Arrowhead Campground, Buena Vista.  I get to be a barista again.

I hope to spend the summer working on new art and some other techniques I have a notion to try. There is so much I want to make and so little time.

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  1. This is awesome!! I love your talent, Jan. YES, you certainly will be a Barista again…..and a very good one at that:). Looking forward to having you and Ken back again.

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