Vintage Angels for 2016

Vintage Angels for 2016: My 8 inch vintage lace angels are going up for sale this weekend at the Cocoa Beach Historic District Fall Art & Crafts Sale. Just so you know (those of you that get my posts), I am taking orders for Christmas 2016 Angels. They can be customized by hair color and have a heart bracelet with a name lettered on the heart. The photo below shows a red-head but I can also supply blondes, brunettes and black hair. “Pigtails” are okay, braids don’t work. Body colors are usually white or light tan but I can do others if you want it. Purple any one?   And, you can tell me eye color and any specific facial details you would like me to TRY to use; i.e. “smirk” “shy smile” “big blue eyes” “pink lips” and more. Freckles are too hard and don’t look natural. Halo is gold cord or can be tiny pearls.  All have a hanging ribbon for hanging on a Christmas tree unless you specify not to include it. Ordering through May 1, 2016 for October 2016 delivery.

woo pix angel annaMy angel’s dresses are a product of my imagination and rarely are there two alike. You will not be able to specify color as I shop antique stores for linen doilies that are lace trimmed and I cannot say what I will find. However, I do have white or pink vintage lace curtains on hand to use if you would like that. I would trim them with ruffly lace, like above. Crochet doilies do not work.

I only make my angels in the summer while traveling. It is fun for me as my angels are, at the least, 75% hand sewing. If interested, shoot me an email with your preferences. I’ll email you back with photo in Sept. 2016. Pay then: $39 plus tax. I’ll ship in a gift box. No commitment. If you don’t want it that’s okay, she’ll get added to the other orphans in 2016 fall craft sales.

I CAN make an angel from vintage material you have around (say, grandma’s handmade doilies or embroidered towels) but that requires a prepayment of $39 per angel plus shipping me the materials. This method does cost you more and requires a commitment from me.  I will mail finished angel in a gift box and return remnants of fabric, if you want. Shipping paid.