First craft show

The place: Tampa Garden Club on Bayshore Drive. Lovely venue overlooking the bay. Facilities were nice especially the big shade tree I was under. (See photo at bottom.) Well, except for the spanish moss that invaded my booth frequently. The weather was calm, too humid, too warm – typical Florida.  OMG do I ever sweat when setting up! We were next to really nice crafters and I enjoyed talking to them and getting to know the ropes as it were.

Now the bad: No sales, no offers, a few requests for my card. I wasn’t surprised by this, after all it was the Shabby Chic Vintage Market. It appeared Shabby Chic people did okay and so did some furniture people. One neighboring crafter did well. Oddly, however, I did notice most of her customers are on a first-name basis and seem to seek her out. She must have something going there as she was selling strictly painted religious items, crosses and the like.  Other “seamstresses” like me didn’t sell anything either. I know because the other two came around and asked because they too were new with this promoter. Even jewelry people were disappointed.

Obviously this is not the venue for most crafters and more the venue for people selling dip mix, makeup, painted wood items and crosses.

I’m glad I went though. I resolved booth issues and have a better feel for how to better present my products.  I would rather experiment at an $85 booth show than a $200 one.  Next weekend is a 2-day show at Cocoa Beach Historic District. Hopefully it is better. booth shot tampa garden club