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Update September 29, 2017 

Did I say doing art shows is physically tough? It is no place for bad knees; or, old ladies … but I will  not let THAT stop me. 

My next thread art shows will be delayed until March 2018 due to medical reasons. Now that I have one knee replacement surgery scheduled, I feel confident I can apply to juried art shows from March through mid-May 2018. The other knee gets replaced then so I will not be able to do summer shows.  As I am accepted to fine art shows, their dates and locations will be posted here: ……..

Do you want to know more about why I exhibit in art shows? READ FURTHER

If you are one that participates in art shows or arts & crafts shows, you know that one must pay a jury fee to apply to a show. If you don’t know how this works, the fee is usually $15-$40 paid up front and is not refundable. If you are accepted, you have a certain amount of time to respond with the booth fee which can be as low as $100 (not typical); $250 (my current limit); $350 or more for art festivals in popular cities and geared toward professional artists of a caliber I can only dream of becoming. Once paid, these are rarely refundable even if you cannot attend. Many art shows get far more applicants than spots to fill. This allows event “juries” to be very restrictive as to who is invited to show their art. That has both good and not-so-good ramifications but is a fact of life.

So, why would someone go through all this to do art shows? In my case, the important part is the interaction with people; even those who do not  want, or cannot afford, to purchase my art. I need reasonably unbiased reaction to my work.  So far, I can say that reaction has been very good from “women that sew.”  That group is interested in technique, of course. It surprises me how many men are interested in my technique as well. However, and this may be of interest,  those who purchase my artwork usually don’t ask how it is made. Buyers of my thread paintings appear to be more interested in the artwork’s content, mood or symbolism.

Galleries, instead? Typically, they take 50 percent of a sale and there is no interaction with the buyer. I care more about the latter than the former.

And now you know more about Jan’s Thread Paintings and the “why”.